7 Best Countries to Buy Gold in 2022 (Cheapest & Best Quality)

countries to buy gold

Are you searching for the ideal investment strategy? Are you looking to satiate your appetite for gold jewelry? The most effective way to increase your wealth is through investing, and purchasing gold is the way to do it. Buying gold is a fantastic investment opportunity that has many advantages. To pursue this venture, you should … Read more

What Are Gold Futures? Definitive Investors Guide

gold futures

Investment in gold has been broadly considered an alternative to a more traditional asset class such as stocks, bonds, currencies, and property. Dealers who trade in the commodity at spot gold prices and cash in on their expectations of future price movements create gold futures. They offer a convenient way for investors to speculate on … Read more

Are Silver and Gold an Inflation Hedge?

hedge against inflation

Between 2012 and 2020, the annual inflation rate in the United States remained fairly consistent, rarely rising much higher than 2% each year. But this ratio of gold has skyrocketed since 2021, leading many to wonder if they can utilize a gold inflation hedge. In this article, I’ll explore whether precious metal (like silver and … Read more

How Much Gold Does The U.S. Have in Dollars?

US gold reserves

Many people ask, ‘how much are U.S. gold reserves worth?’ The United States has the largest official gold reserves in the world, coming in at about 262 million troy ounces of bullion, coins, and standard gold bars held by the Treasury in bullion, gold coins, and blanks. How much, though, is that amount of gold … Read more

Can You Buy Gold Coins From a Bank?

gold coins from a bank

As superinflation affects the world, people look to investing in solid wins to secure their future. Precious metals, especially gold, have been a staple investment for decades. It’s easy to start, but now, you are probably asking yourself, can you buy gold coins from a bank? Yes. However, the answer to this question goes a … Read more

What is Spot Gold? Everything You Need to Know

spot gold price

Spot gold is the price you can purchase or sell gold right now instead of at a specific time in the future. This price is essential for gold market enthusiasts since it influences their decision on whether to buy or sell their investment. In this post, we’ll explore the meaning of the gold spot price, … Read more

Is Silver a Good Investment in 2022?

investing in silver

Recent years have shown significant market swings that may make investing in the stock market scary. In these uncertain times, you might wonder, is silver a good investment? The answer is yes. Silver is a good investment, depending on your investment goals. As a precious metal with industrial uses, silver investments can diversify your portfolio … Read more

What is Gold Bullion? Everything Investors Need to Know

what is gold bullion

In movies and television shows featuring Fort Knox, you’ve seen bricks of gold bullion stacked in safes. Bullion bars aren’t just fictional riches, however. With volatility in the stock market, many investors are turning toward bullion as a profitable port in the storm. Gold is sold in bullion to guarantee its purity and weight. This … Read more

What is a Gold Certificate? Everything You Need to Know

bullion gold certificate

A gold certificate is a document that proves gold ownership, similar to the ownership of a stock, bank account, or physical money. Gold certificates were the main form and gold standard of “representative money” for nearly 80 years in the mid-19th century and early 20th century. However, after the practice of using gold certificates was … Read more

What is 10K Gold?

10k Gold Jewelry

Have you seen the value of gold, or its beauty, and wanted to obtain some for yourself? If so, you will see the many types of gold, purities of gold, and gold colors you can buy. Rather than stressing out about all your gold options, let’s look at one of the most affordable options for … Read more