What is 24k Gold?

24k gold bars

In short, 24k gold is a pure form of gold. What this means is that it has no alloys added to it. Because it has no added alloys, 24k gold has a bright yellow gold color that is rare in the United States. 24k gold is more commonly seen in China than in the U.S. … Read more

What is 18K Gold?

18K Gold Jewelry

Gold is a popular metal as a material for jewelry. The metallic shine of gold, along with its rarity and value, make it a popular choice for things like wedding bands. However, most of the gold you see day-to-day isn’t the purest gold possible, but rather an alloy called 18K gold. 18K Gold Definition 18K … Read more

What Was The Gold Rush?

mining for gold

In 1848, one man named James Marshall discovered gold nuggets at Sutter’s Mill in the Sacramento Valley in California. This discoverer of gold led to an almost decade-long frenzy for gold known as gold fever, which we now refer to as the California Gold Rush. This historic Gold Rush was not only significant in North … Read more

How Many Grams in an Ounce of Gold?

weight of gold

As anyone who’s ever watched The Lord of the Rings knows, gold is a precious metal. It’s so precious that it’s measured in a special unit known as the Troy Ounce. But what exactly is a Troy Ounce, and how many grams are in an ounce of gold? For the uninitiated, a Troy Ounce is … Read more

What is 14-Karat Gold?

14K gold

If you need to choose between 14K gold and another caratage, you’re probably wondering what makes 14K unique. Items consisting of 14K gold contain more than 50% gold, unlike other metal alloys that might contain more or less gold.  Let’s dive into what you need to know about 14-karat gold. What is 14-Karat Gold? Before … Read more

Investing in Gold Coins: Definitive Guide for New Investors

gold coin investments

One of your main goals should be diversification when you invest in gold coins. Gold has historically been a safe-haven asset and has been used as a hedge against inflation. But that doesn’t mean it’s the only investment for your portfolio! So let’s take a look at everything there is to know about buying physical … Read more

What is an Austrian Philharmonic Coin? (Gold & Silver)

Austrian Philharmonic Coin

The Austrian Philharmonic Coin is an Austrian bullion coin made of gold, silver, or platinum. The Austrian Mint produces these coins. One of the best gold coins for investment; the coins are available in multiple sizes. The silver is available in a 1-ounce version. What is a Philharmonic Coin? The Philharmonic coin comes in gold, … Read more

How Much Gold is in Fort Knox?

Fort Knox, Kentucky

Have you ever wondered how much gold is in Fort Knox? Well, if you have, you are not alone. Fort Knox is one of the most well-known forts in the United States, and for a good reason. Fort Knox is where the US government stores its gold reserves. Conspiracy theories surround the fort, with rumors … Read more

How Much Gold is There in The World?

world's gold reserves

The first gold coins were created in 550 BC. Since then, the world has not stopped seeking and finding new ways to utilize this commodity. But, the world’s gold reserves are not unlimited. So, how much gold is there in the world? Today, estimates of how much gold there is in the world range from … Read more

What Are Chinese Panda Coins? (Gold & Silver)

Chinese Panda Coins

Chinese Panda coins are gold and silver coins that are unique precious metal coins minted by the Chinese government. Both were first issued in the early 1980s. Gold giant panda coins are issued as proof, uncirculated coins, while silver panda coins come in several types. Both are popular with coin collectors as both collection pieces … Read more