7 Best Countries to Buy Gold in 2022 (Cheapest & Best Quality)

countries to buy gold

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Are you searching for the ideal investment strategy? Are you looking to satiate your appetite for gold jewelry?

The most effective way to increase your wealth is through investing, and purchasing gold is the way to do it. Buying gold is a fantastic investment opportunity that has many advantages.

To pursue this venture, you should know the best countries to buy gold from. This includes Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai, and much more, which you can discover below.

Investing in gold is a fantastic opportunity with lots of benefits. The almighty dollar might not be as mighty in the future, which is why gold continues to be the most reliable currency in the world.

The dollar is prone to depreciating, as was the case in the late 1990s and early 2000s. But gold stands the test of time and even rises along with the cost of living, proving its dependability in the face of inflation, deflation, and general uncertainty.

For this reason, we’ve listed below seven of the best countries to buy gold from for high-quality and affordable physical gold.

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The Emirate of Dubai (UAE): Best for Purest Gold

Due to its rich history with gold, Dubai is known as “The City of Gold”. This city is a thriving market for gold and is well-liked for its high purity gold, cost, and beautiful designs.

So you can be sure that Dubai is the place for you if you seek genuine, certified gold. Additionally, due largely to Dubai being a duty-free zone, gold prices there are extremely low.

The gold reserves in the United Arab Emirates are currently at 55.77 tonnes. When looking to buy gold in Dubai, you should rely on places like Dubai Gold Souk, Gold and Diamond Park, Damiani, and more.

The Dubai Gold Souk has a variety of gold stores for you to shop at. The Gold and Diamond Park mall is specifically dedicated to showcasing jewelry, including gold, of course.

There are many more to discover, and the Italian company Damiani will surely be the place for you if you value exquisite designs.

Hong Kong: Best for Cheapest Gold

If you are looking for an affordable way to invest, then purchasing gold from Hong Kong is your next step. Through the Chinese Gold and Silver Exchange, Hong Kong is renowned for offering fantastic deals on its gold.

Before this operation was built, trading in gold and silver already existed, but it was improved by the development of banking.

The Chinese Gold and Silver Exchange Society, the first organization of its kind in Hong Kong, was established as a result in 1910.

Currently, the gold reserves of Hong Kong are 2.08 tonnes, and the best places to buy gold include Nyrelle, Lark & Berry, and Kajal Naina.

Each is excellent in its own right; for example, Kajal Naina offers a fine jewelry collection with a focus on solid gold, with timeless, exquisite designs.

Switzerland: Best for Gold Storage

Swiss Gold is known for providing the best offshore gold storage. It has been established that the safest way for those who want to protect their gold is to store it with reputable banks in a secure location, such as a Swiss vault.

Switzerland has a long history of setting the standard for offshore gold storage. Swiss gold is known for its high purity throughout the world.

The “four nines” of Swiss gold refer to its typical 99.99% purity, which is what Swiss gold bars and other gold products are known for.

Switzerland currently has 1040 tonnes of gold in its reserves. For the storage of your gold, you can trust companies like Bullion Vault, SchiffGold, and Goldcore.

Regardless of what you choose, you will have access to one of the best storage facilities for your gold in the world.

United States: Best for Gold Jewelry

Gold was in North America long before Christopher Columbus claimed he discovered the place, and only continued to become more popular.

The United States only officially started adhering to the gold standard—a financial framework that would directly connect the value of paper money to the price of physical gold—in 1834.

Since then, gold has remained profitable. The current gold reserves of the United States are 8,100 tonnes.

In the US, there are many reputable locations to buy gold from, including Goldco, JM Bullion, Money Metals, and many others.

Be sure to look for gold in Fort Knox while you’re at it.

Canada: Best for Gold Coins

Canada has developed into one of the top five producers of gold in the world since it was first discovered along the banks of the Rivière Chaudière in the Eastern Townships of Quebec.

Canada uses gold in practically anything, from electronics to aerospace, and of course, the best gold jewelry.

Gold coins are what Canada specializes in and you can expect to buy some at JM Mullion, Money Metals Exchange, APMEX, and more.

Singapore: Best for Quality Gold

The earliest discovery of gold in Singapore can be dated to the 14th century when a gold armlet was found at Fort Canning Hill.

Singapore has become known for its high-purity gold and for being one of the most affordable places to obtain gold.

Singapore’s current gold reserve is 153.47 tonnes. You can find this high-purity gold at BullionStar, GoldBroker, and BullionVault.

Thailand: Best for Negotiating Prices

Thailand is the best place to bargain for the price of gold if you want to get the most for your money. Thai gold has been around for a very long time, thousands of years to be exact.

Siam, the country’s original name, actually translates from Sanskrit to “gold”. The Indians called the country Suvannabhumi (Land of Gold) and the Chinese called it Jin Lin (Peninsula of Gold).

This is probably why Thailand is one of the best places you can go to purchase gold. The current gold reserves are 244.16 tonnes and you can go to BullionStar and BullionVault.

To properly invest in gold, these are the places to be.

3 Tips for Buying Gold: Buyers Guide

In your search for physical gold, here are some tips when investing. The following advice will assist potential buyers in making a wise choice before buying gold anonymously.

Find a secure place to store gold

As you are aware, gold is valuable, and since it is a tangible item, people will want it. This is why you should plan and store your gold in a secure location, whether it be a safe or a safety deposit box.

This can be expensive since the cost of a safety deposit box at a bank can range from $30 to several hundred dollars per year, depending on its size.

Check for extra charges

Gold is typically charged with additional fees which consist of manufacturing costs, distribution costs, and dealer fees.

Be sure to look out for that when purchasing physical gold.

Get insurance

Insurance represents the extra cost associated with owning physical gold. Before making a purchase, confirm that the type of asset you own is covered by your insurance policy.


All in all, purchasing gold is a great investment opportunity, and the guide above will help you make all the right decisions and learn about the best countries to buy gold from.

Each option is worth mentioning and learning more about, so don’t hesitate to learn more; there’s so much knowledge out there surrounding the largest gold reserves.

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When it comes to customer service, fees, safety, and overall customer satisfaction, Advantage Gold checks all of the boxes.