What is a Britannia Coin? (Gold & Silver)

Britannia Coin

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The Britannia coin is a staple of British bullion coins issued by the Royal Mint. They are well-known and depict the female representation of Britain on the face.

These coins are a bullion investor’s and collector’s prized possession, but why? Read on to learn more about the Britannia coin, its history, how it is made, what it is made of, and whether they are a good investment.

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What is a Britannia Coin?

The British Royal Mint has issued Britannia coins in gold since 1987, silver since 1997, and platinum since 2018.

The coin features Britannia, the constantly evolving female representation of Britain. The image is well-known and trusted across the globe.

Britannia was first used for coinage when Hadrian issued coins around AD 119. Charles II reintroduced the icon in 1672, and has been minted on every monarch’s coin since.

The design has changed over time, but is still very recognizable as the face of Britain. The Royal Mint has been issuing the gold Britannia since 1987, silver Britannia since 1997, and platinum Britannia since 2018.

However, the icon of Britannia has been used since the Roman Empire.

How Much is the Britannia Coin Worth?

Each Britannia coin is worth different amounts depending on the amount of gold or silver in the coin. For example, a Britannia coin with one troy ounce of gold is worth £100.

On the other hand, Britannia gold coins with one-half, one-quarter, and one-tenth of an ounce of gold are worth £50, £25, and £10, respectively.

Silver Britannias with one troy ounce of silver are worth £2. Britannia silver coins with one-half, one-quarter, and one-tenth of a troy ounce of silver are worth £1, 50 pence, and 20 pence, respectively.

In 2013, two additional sizes were introduced for gold and silver Britannia’s. A five-ounce gold coin is worth £500, and a one-twentieth gold coin is worth £5.

A five-ounce silver coin is worth £10, and a one-twentieth silver coin is worth 10 pence. The older the coin, the more valuable it is. 1 oz gold coins are the most valuable and the most widely circulated standard size.

Britannia Coins (Gold & Silver)

Britannias are possibly the most famous coins in the United Kingdom and arguably the most popular investment there, as well.

Even for non-UK residents, Britannia coins are a prized possession with a rising gold coin value.

You will probably recognize Britannia’s iconic design of a woman wielding a trident and shield as she wears a Corinthian helmet.

Additional design elements can include an olive branch, a lion, and a throne. Each iteration of this classic image serves as a symbol of unity for UK citizens.

Since 2013, gold and silver Britannia’s have been minted with a higher fineness, which is a big reason investors want to acquire these coins, especially gold ones.

However, several other factors go into what coins you should invest in.

Britannia Gold Coins

Gold Britannia coins are a popular investment in the UK due to their larger size and mass production. In addition, these coins are technically legal tender, which makes them tax-free purchases for collectors and investors.

Their Royal Mint heritage certainly adds to their appeal worldwide. Investors favor larger gold coins since they offer more gold at a lesser price per gram.

Britannia coins minted between 1997 and 2012 are 40mm in diameter, and coins minted afterward are 38.61mm.

At these sizes, Britannia is a perfect specimen for lucrative investment. Coins will differ in value depending on the year they were minted, special commemorative issues, and their rarity.

So if you decide to invest in Britannia gold coins, you have to be mindful of the spot price of gold and market trends.

Britannia Silver Coins

Just like gold Britannia, silver Britannia has become a popular silver investment for its fineness equal to its gold counterpart.

Similarly, silver coins are legal tender for tax-free purchases. Silver Britannia offers investors the unique opportunity to purchase precious metals at lower prices.

Comparatively, gold Britannia is very expensive. In general, Britannia silver coins give you more opportunities to find bulk orders for affordable rates and attractive discounts.

If you decide to invest in silver Britannia, you can enjoy a future of rising silver prices. Investors expect silver prices to continue to rise with the demand for this precious metal.

However, silver production has reduced over the years, so you have to purchase Britannias before their price rises.


If you are interested in investing in Britannia, buying coins is a great way to start. You can also collect commemorative coins and look for limited quantity Britannias.

As much as quality Britannia coins are a good investment, rare and exclusive edition coins are equally good.

Pros and Cons

There are a few pros and cons to know in regard to these coins.


  • Legal tender status
  • UK citizens are exempt from Capital Gains Tax
  • Difficult to counterfeit, increasing security of authenticity of each coin


Are Britannia Coins a Good Investment?

Britannia coins are well-known and popular investments, especially since the 2013 increase in refined materials.

Britannia is considered to be one of the best gold coins for investment. However, just with any investment, you need to be aware of trends in the market to make the most of it.

So long as you have a good grasp of where the market is moving, Britannia gold and silver coins are good investments.

If you want to invest in gold and silver in general, Britannia is a good place to start.


Depending on the state of the coin, you can sell a 1797 Britannia coin for between $1,000 and $10,000.

Gold and silver Britannia coins have been produced since 1987, putting the number of circulated coins somewhere in the millions.

Gold Britannias contain one troy oz of gold. They are also issued in fractional sizes of one-half, one-quarter, and one-tenth of a troy ounce of gold.

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Most Educational Company

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