The Gold Standard: Will We Ever Go Back?

the gold standard

The value of gold is a hotly debated topic in economic circles, and I can see why. The United States’ economic system was originally based on the gold standard, and, in a time of intense economic crisis and uncertainty, lots of people question why we haven’t reverted to that system. The gold standard system for … Read more

Physical Gold vs. Gold Stocks: Which is the Better Investment?

Gold vs Stocks

You may be well aware that gold is an excellent investment when the markets are unstable, as they are right now, but uncertain as to whether physical gold is a better investment than gold stocks. Let’s take a good look at physical gold vs. gold stocks so you have all the information you need to … Read more

Is Gold Jewelry a Good Investment?

gold jewelry

Are you looking to invest in gold jewelry and want to know if it is worth it? First, there are a number of things you need to know. I will give you the information, and then you be the judge. Gold jewelry can be a significant investment, especially when in high demand. However, if you … Read more

What Size Gold Coins Should I Buy?

Size of Gold Coins

Gold coins are a timeless investment. If I wanted to start purchasing gold coins, there are a number of factors to consider that require the expertise of a dealer or the education of internet resources on the subject matter. One of these considerations is the size of the coins I end up purchasing. Based on … Read more

Why Has Gold Always Been Valuable?

Value of Gold Throughout History

Gold is everything, especially in movies. It’s glamorous. It’s expensive. Taylor Swift eats it for breakfast, probably. Personally, I’ve never put my hands on it, so I’ve never really understood the hype. I’ve always wondered: why has gold always been so valuable? Gold became valuable in the later Bronze Age, when it was used as … Read more

Will Gold Become Worthless One Day?

Value of Gold

When you think of something with a high monetary value, you most likely picture something made of gold or gold in color. While it is the image of gold in our minds that symbolizes something high in monetary value, gold seems to have no intrinsic value as we now use paper money rather than materials, which leaves … Read more

Is Inherited Gold Taxable?

gold inheritance

If a loved one has passed on, you may have inherited some of their assets. If you have inherited gold bullion, coins, or jewelry, you may be considering selling it, but now you want to know: is inherited gold taxable? According to federal law, you can keep inherited gold tax-free if the estate’s total value … Read more

Are Gold Watches a Good Investment?

investing in gold watches

We watch aficionados know that gold watches are a timeless classic that can look good in almost any situation—however, you might be wondering if a gold watch is as good of an investment as it is a fashion choice. In the world of luxury watches, it can be tempting to see a high-quality gold watch … Read more

How Much Gold Can You Own Legally?

Owning gold

It seems as though everyone knows gold’s value as a precious metal, but many may be wondering how much of this precious metal you can own legally.  Due to the rarity and high price tag associated with gold, I am not surprised if you are determining any legal restrictions on ownership. There is currently no limit on … Read more

Should I Buy Gold With Cash?

Buying gold with cash is one of the best ways to protect yourself from intrusion and an overzealous government. It allows the buyer and seller anonymity while allowing both to benefit from the transaction. But unfortunately, there are also weight and storage issues that drive people away from gold. So, should I buy gold with … Read more