Do Banks Accept Gold in Exchange for Money?

gold in bank

If you’ve been collecting gold as an investment or happen to have a stockpile of gold jewelry, you might be wondering where to go to exchange it for money. Can you trade it in at your local bank? Or is a gold exchange something that needs to be done elsewhere? In general, most banks will … Read more

Are One Gram Gold Bars a Good Investment?

1 gram gold bars

One Gram Gold is a different kind of investment. Most people who invest in gold use more significant amounts to secure larger amounts of money and save on costly processing fees. 1 Gram concentrates on other things to make them appreciate in value. Are 1 Gram gold bars a good investment? Investments depend on the … Read more

Do Gold Bars Come with Certificates?

Gold bullion or bars are not commonly seen circulating in the public. Though certain countries, like the United States, have abandoned the gold standard, there are still plenty of investments being made into gold around the world. I may not have the storage for my gold bar, but the bank or exchange from which I … Read more

Can You Buy Gold Anonymously?

Trading gold is an industry that some shy away from because of nebulous rules and misinformation. While most people who trade in gold are looking to keep their finances out of government oversight, not commit crimes, it makes some purchases appear as red flags on an official IRS inquiry. Can you buy gold anonymously? You … Read more

How to Move 401(k) to Gold Without A Penalty

gold 401k

You’ll be surprised with what you can do with your 401(k) plan. As you have the liberty to choose where to invest your 401(k), there are some pretty decent options out there that you can try, including turning it into a gold 401(k). You can do a 401(k) rollover without any penalties or taxes. If … Read more

Pros & Cons of Having a Gold IRA

gold ira pros and cons

If you are looking for a way to beef up your retirement portfolio, putting physical gold into your IRA may be something that you are considering. There are quite a few benefits associated with doing so, but you might also be wondering about the potential pitfall of keeping physical gold in your IRA. As with … Read more

How to Use an IRA to Buy Gold & Silver

buy gold in ira

You have an IRA, but you’re worried about the frothiness of the markets. You’d like to invest in precious metals, but you’re unsure of the applicable laws. Can you use your IRA to buy gold? According to an Act of Congress, gold may be held in a self-directed IRA, provided it meets specific minimum purity … Read more

Can I Store My Gold IRA at Home?

storing gold at home

You may be considering getting a self-directed IRA so that you can invest in physical gold. You’ve seen adverts claiming that you can store the gold at home. But now you’d like to know: can you legally keep your gold IRA at home? According to federal law, you may not store physical gold owned by an … Read more

How Do I Convert my IRA to Precious Metals?

precious metals ira

If you have heard about the virtues of investing in precious metals, you may be wondering how you can convert your IRA savings account into various investments in silver and gold. I know how frustrating the ups and downs of the stock market can be, and precious metals can be good investment options that are … Read more